New film version of Typical receives world premiere on Soho Theatre On Demand

Harriet Clifford
Tuesday, January 19, 2021

The world premiere of 'Typical', the film version of the 2019 hit play about racism and Black masculinity, will be released exclusively on Soho Theatre On Demand from 24 February.

Richard Blackwood in Typical
Richard Blackwood in Typical

Described as ‘urgent and important’, the play by award-winning Ryan Calais Cameron and directed by Anastasia Osei-Kuffor explores the tragic true story of Black British ex-serviceman Christopher Alder. 

Filmed during the pandemic at Soho Theatre and produced in partnership with Nouveau Riche, the play stars Richard Blackwood in the role he played in the original stage version, which was described as ‘Gripping’ by the Evening Standard and ‘Heartbreaking’ by The Student

Playwright Calais Cameron said, ‘Typical is the story of a Black man, who in the comfort of his home is just a man, but as he leaves, he must navigate through society’s ideas and prejudices about what it means to be Black. Typical is a slice of our history, that I hope gives insight, education and desire for a better future.’ 

Soho Theatre’s creative director David Luff said, ‘We hope the power, beauty and lyricism of Ryan’s writing, and the superb work of these brilliant freelance theatre and film makers, connect to audiences beyond Soho’s stages into people’s homes and screens worldwide.’ 

The play will be released on Soho Theatre On Demand on 24 February 2021, available to stream for £7.99 if you register an account before the release date. After that, Typical will be available for the standard streaming price of £9.99. 

Bonus content, including interviews with the creatives behind the production, will also be available for viewers, and 10% of the proceeds after costs will be donated to Inc Arts Minds to support the emotional well-being of those affected by systematic and structural racism in the arts. 

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