Vamos Theatre reveals joyful production for care homes

Hattie Fisk
Monday, April 19, 2021

Worcester-based Vamos Theatre has announced Love Through Double Glazing – a comedic Covid-safe performance that care home residents can view through their window.

Staged entirely outside, but designed to be viewed through care home windows, the production will provide laughter and joy to elderly people across the country. 

The story follows care home resident Florence, and her white dog, as they mischievously disrupt the staff throughout the day. Clowning, music, food fights, bubbles and ballet all feature in the show, which is written and performed by Cirque du Soleil clown performer Sean Kempton, and Vamos Theatre’s artistic director Rachael Savage. 

Savage said ‘This show has been huge fun to make and most importantly, the feedback we’ve had from our pilot performances is that care home residents are enjoying it immensely. We’ve made a show that is funny, cheeky and unashamedly silly, and our aim is for all of our audiences to feel included, to let their hair down and most of all to laugh.’

Audience members will have props to smell, cake to eat, bubbles to blow and water pistols to shoot, encouraging Covid-safe participation. 

Richard White, director of Stanfield Care Home in Worcester, hosted a pilot performance earlier in the year. He commented, ‘It was a riot of fun and laughter, but most importantly, love. The show generated so much interaction and comment it brought back a sense of normality to us all.’

Love Through Double Glazing will embark on its fully-booked tour of 30 care homes in May. 

If you are interested in hosting a performance in the future, click here.