Developing devised work inspired by Paper Birds

Zeena Rasheed
Tuesday, September 1, 2020

This scheme dives into the work of Paper Birds Theatre, a contemporary, dynamic, distinctive company started in the 1990s by Kylie Perry and Jemma McDonnell. They call themselves story collectors, which is significant, and part of their vision is to be ‘quiet rebels’, provoking change one encounter at a time. Paper Birds have a full catalogue of shows, an excellent website containing free and for sale education resources: bundles, videos, scripts and learning packs, all attractive, comprehensive and teacher-friendly. They also offer popular live and on-line workshops. Their investment in performance and show-making is equal to their investment in educational work. I find their approach works brilliantly with secondary school learners, giving young dramatists the tools and confidence to find their own strong creative voices. This scheme can work traditionally or in a physically/socially distanced learning environment.

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