DNA by Dennis Kelly

Vickie Smith
Sunday, September 1, 2019

The new GCSE Drama examination for Edexcel asks a lot of students. It includes a written examination, as part of which the students are asked to approach a script (from a selection provided by Edexcel) and answer questions linked to acting, directing and designing. Within the short time period they must also complete a live evaluation. This scheme of work will focus on the scripted element of the exam. In the exam, students are given an extract from the play and must answer five questions on it, each linked to different elements. They are not allowed to take in an annotated text, which any real director would have. This is hard work, and means that the students need not only to know how they would direct the whole play in depth, but that they must know it off by heart. The first thing I tell my students is that the exam boards are expecting a lot from them; arguably an unfair amount, especially given the time in which they are asking them to do it. Reassure them that you as their teacher will prepare them for this. The aim of this scheme is to approach the play in a simple way to ensure that students can answer questions to the best of their ability and access top band.

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