'East End Tales' by Fin Kennedy

Alicia Pope
Thursday, October 1, 2020

'East End Tales' by Fin Kennedy consists of nine stories inspired by pictures and newspaper articles from local East London papers. It was written as part of a theatre project in Tower Hamlets and the story ideas were developed over a number of weeks by Year 10 Bengali girls. The subject matter of some of the tales is mature and the themes covered are varied and engaging. This scheme of work uses 'East End Tales' as the starting point for exploration of the text as a chosen script, for monologues and as the inspiration for devised work. The scheme uses some of the stories from the play to explore improvisation, devising, on and off text work, monologues, duologues, group and ensemble work, as well as touching on ideas for practitioner work. Structure and timings - The scheme of work is divided into sessions based on some of the tales in the play, including the Prologue and Epilogue. - Timings for each session will depend on your students and their response to the work; allow students' response and enthusiasm to guide how long you explore each activity.

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