Movement in performance

Gail Deal
Monday, October 1, 2018

This unit is aimed at actors and dancers who would like to improve their movement skills in different performance styles. Learners will perform in two contrasting movement pieces each lasting a minimum of 3 minutes. Learners will be filmed during discussions about stimuli, workshops, rehearsals and performances. They will evaluate the process from starting point to final performance including exercises, sequences, combinations and set studies as well as movement used in scripted work. Learners must keep a log or vlog to evaluate their own progress and identify and set targets to help them improve their performances: peers may direct each other and give feedback. Teachers will write observation reports on rehearsals and performances using the Learning Outcomes. They will also write an assessment record for each learner and complete a tracking sheet summarising the learners' grades on each task. The scheme is based on two teachers sharing the delivery of the unit. Each teacher has two lessons lasting 75 minutes each. One teacher focuses more on movement for dance (MD) and the other on movement for acting (MA). The first few weeks are based on workshops led by the two teachers using a variety of stimuli to build skills.

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