Practically exploring play texts: Blood Brothers, Act 1

Rhianna Elsden
Saturday, December 1, 2018

This scheme explores Act 1 of the popular play text Blood Brothers as a stimulus. The scheme offers ideas on how to work with play scripts practically, with both on- and off-text ideas and activities. The activities outlined develop an understanding of the characters, plot and themes for the opening act. It incorporates ideas for exploring the whole text, if that is your intention. The scheme is aimed at KS3, with Year 9 as a potential year group undertaking the activities. Many exam specifications at GCSE level in English and Drama use Blood Brothers as a text, and some of the activities could be adapted for use at KS4. By exploring just the opening act it could work as a parallel introduction with lessons in English. Questions for reflection and plenaries are intended to develop students’ abilities in Drama primarily, but also in English.

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