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Twice each term, Drama & Theatre publishes five online schemes of work written by experienced teachers and examiners, which are available exclusively to our Full Membership, Digital Membership and Schemes of Work subscribers. They cover Key Stages 2-5 across a variety of exam boards and specifications, providing indispensable content for your classroom teaching.

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Blood Brothers by Willy Russell for AQA GCSE

KS 4

Author: Lucy Miller

This scheme of work provides a series of introductory exercises on Willy Russell’s Blood Brothers. While it is designed for the AQA specification, it could easily be adapted to suit OCR. The AQA exam...

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The Exam by Andy Hamilton

KS 3

Author: Dominic Bell

It is important, particularly in Year 9, that students feel Drama is relevant and relatable. Relationships with parents, struggles with mental health and exam pressure are always topical subjects;...

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Exploring Medea for performance

KS 5

Author: Keith Burt

Medea is a tragedy like no other. It is a play that is full of emotions, and it just doesn’t hold back. From the very opening, the audience are left questioning not only the motives of every...

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Who Cares by Matt Woodhead

KS 3 KS 4

Author: Paul Bateson

This is a two-part scheme of work for secondary Drama teachers, providing opportunities for learning devising skills and drama conventions in the first half; before exploring scripted work by focusing...

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Looking at comedy using Billy Liar

KS 4

Author: Karen Hart

Although many students interested in studying drama are quick to seize the opportunity of acting in or devising a comedy, it can be very difficult to get it just right. There is a reason many...

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The Maids by Jean Genet: Interpreting a | performance text

KS 5

Author: Chris Whyld

The Maids by Jean Genet, is one of nine text choices, from Edexcel’s A level Drama and Theatre, Component 3, Section C: Interpreting a Performance Text in light of one practitioner for a contemporary...

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The plays of John Godber

KS 4

Author: Mair Bull

John Godber is a hugely influential and much-loved British theatre practitioner. This scheme explores his style of theatre using a selection of his own plays. It can be used for any board at KS4 and...

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'East End Tales' by Fin Kennedy

KS 5

Author: Alicia Pope

'East End Tales' by Fin Kennedy consists of nine stories inspired by pictures and newspaper articles from local East London papers. It was written as part of a theatre project in Tower Hamlets and the...

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Approaching live theatre reviews

KS 4 KS 5

Author: David Porter

Watching live theatre is one of the best ways of teaching students about performance, acting, design, directing, staging, lighting, special effects and the genres of theatre. While not every school...

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Developing devised work inspired by Paper Birds

KS 5

Author: Zeena Rasheed

This scheme dives into the work of Paper Birds Theatre, a contemporary, dynamic, distinctive company started in the 1990s by Kylie Perry and Jemma McDonnell. They call themselves story collectors,...

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