DTEA begins annual #SeizeTheDay initiative

Hattie Fisk
Thursday, March 21, 2024

Between 20 and 27 March, as part of World Performance Week, the DTEA is inviting schools, colleges, theatres and more to do what they do every day, but to invite their MP, school governors, local press and councillors to experience it with them.

Highway Starz/ Adobe Stock
Highway Starz/ Adobe Stock

This week, the Drama & Theatre Education Alliance (DTEA) has begun its annual #SeizeTheDay initiative.

The national campaign is designed to raise the profile of drama in schools and of theatre for young audiences. 

The aim is to engage with and inspire those who influence what is taught in schools, what work is produced in theatres and where budgets get spent, making drama and children’s theatre a priority. 

The DTEA is encouraging youth groups and schools to share the experience of running a workshop, teaching a class, leading rehearsal or a stage performance with others. This can be either on social media, or through inviting your local MP, school governors or local press to attend your school. 

Steve Ball, Co-chair of the DTEA says ‘In this election year it is more important than ever that politicians from all parties hear about and experience the positive impact that drama and theatre has on children and young people. Now is the time to Seize the Day!’

Find out more about the initiative at dtealliance.co.uk/seize-the-day