Schemes of Work

Twice each term, Drama & Theatre publishes six online schemes of work written by experienced teachers and examiners, which are available exclusively to our Full Membership, Digital Membership and Schemes of Work subscribers. They cover Key Stages 2-5 across a variety of exam boards and specifications, providing indispensable content for your classroom teaching.

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Using puppetry in distance-learning

KS 2

Author: Kent Suss

This scheme of work introduces primary-age students to techniques of puppet-building and performance. Making puppets and using them in spontaneous or planned dramas is fun, and is invaluable for...

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Katie Mitchell and Harold Pinter

KS 5

Author: Mair Bull

This scheme introduces the practitioner Katie Mitchell by using Harold Pinter's The Dumb Waiter to explore her work. Students can use this scheme as part of AQA's Component 3, or it can be used for...

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Commedia dell’arte

KS 3 KS 4

Author: Jo Smith

This scheme of work has been written during lockdown, and has been taught as home learning lessons with students completing all tasks and activities remotely. The section on home learning encourages...

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Teaching Year 7 Drama remotely via Zoom

KS 3

Author: Mat Walters

Using vocal and physical warm-ups, Shakespearean dialogue and design elements, this scheme of work was created to allow the teaching of Year 7 Drama remotely through Zoom in normal class sizes or...

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Approaching live theatre reviews

KS 4 KS 5

Author: David Porter

Watching live theatre is one of the best ways of teaching students about performance, acting, design, directing, staging, lighting, special effects and the genres of theatre. While not every school...

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Developing devised work inspired by Paper Birds

KS 5

Author: Zeena Rasheed

This scheme dives into the work of Paper Birds Theatre, a contemporary, dynamic, distinctive company started in the 1990s by Kylie Perry and Jemma McDonnell. They call themselves story collectors,...

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Ghosts and time travel by the light of the moon: A look at Helen Cresswell's Moondial through drama

KS 2

Author: Helen Day

Helen Cresswell’s Moondial has become something of a children’s classic, having been released both as a book and a TV drama in the 1980s. It is remarkable in that it is at once a book about time...

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Theatre makers in practice

KS 5

Author: Alison Winter

The following scheme of work looks at how to apply the methodology of Joan Littlewood to a production of Sophocles’ Antigone in relation to Edexcel A level, Component 3, Section C. This final question...

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KS 4

Author: Alicia Pope

This scheme of work based on Euripides’ Medea examines ways in which you might study this text at GCSE. The scheme offers ideas for on- and off-text work, as well as considering some of the design...

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Exploring performance styles in Musical Theatre


Author: Heidi McEntee

Exploring Performance Styles is one of the three units which sit within Module D: musical theatre Skills Development from the new BTEC Level 3 in Performing Arts Practice (musical theatre)...

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