Student Guide to Drama Education

Welcome to the Student Guide to Drama Education 2022-23. If you are reading these words then you are probably considering applying to drama school or university to train in one of the many creative disciplines of the theatre. Perhaps you are a performer, perhaps a director, designer or technician. Perhaps you don’t really know which of these areas you want to specialise in, yet, you just know that theatre excites you and it’s a world you want to work in.

Training to work in theatre is extremely rewarding and enjoyable, but can also be exhausting and challenging. And winning a place at a prestigious training institution is a hurdle to be leapt in the first place. Competition for places is often fierce, and the UK is filled with talented people who deserve to be given those training opportunities.

This guide is designed to help you address some of the many questions and concerns which might arise as you consider your application. Should I go to drama school, or to university? (page 4); How am I ever going to pay for it? (page 5); What is it really like when you get there? (pages 7-15); Do I go straight for a degree course, or should I try it out with a foundation course first? (pages 16-17).

Once you’ve decided where to apply, and for what course, you’ll need practical advice about how to give yourself the best shot at gaining a place. You’ll find direct tips from the people who sit on selection panels on pages 18-23.

In the second half of the guide there are some interesting features which we hope will be useful, covering such things as training abroad in the US, and training for the specific discipline of immersive theatre.

Finally, get ahead for your applications by visiting the library and checking out some of our recommended reading ­– at the back of this guide are four pages of reference books and play texts which will set you up with a good grounding of knowledge for a career in theatre.

Break a leg!

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