Mental wellbeing resources for drama students, teachers and schools

Hattie Fisk
Wednesday, February 14, 2024

To assist teachers on half term with their lesson prep, we have collated a live list of useful mental health resources for drama students, teachers and schools.

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Drama focused resources

Arts Minds

Arts Minds is a collaborative initiative from British Association of Performing Arts Medicine (BAPAM), Equity, Spotlight and The Stage to bring together a raft of resources for performers and creative practitioners facing mental health issues. The resources cover different facets of mental health, and offer accessible advice through blogs.

Playing Sane 

Playing Sane is a UK-based website for actors dealing with mental health issues. The aim of the site is to provide information, discuss issues, signpost to services and to fundraise for research and engagement. Actors even post original content for Playing Sane on their ‘Voices’ page, breaking down stigmas and forming a community. 

Industry Minds

With an award winning podcast, a counselling service and a mental health support platform for those in the arts, Industry Minds is well worth visiting. They are currently renovating their website, but they regularly share important endeavours and resources on their social media pages. 

[Website under refurbishment] Twitter: @IndustryMindsUK

UK Theatre’s 24 hour theatre helpline

UK Theatre and Society of London Theatre (SOLT) have launched Theatre Helpline, a free 24-hour phone and email service supporting theatre professionals with any issues affecting their health and well being. The confidential resource offers support and advice on a range of personal and professional topics, including bullying, physical and mental health, finance, careers and retirement issues. It is open to anyone working in theatre, whether in-house or freelance.



Education Support

Education Support is the only UK charity dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of education staff. They support individuals, help schools, colleges and universities to improve the mental health and wellbeing of their staff. Their services include a free and confidential helpline that is open 24/7, staffed by qualified counsellors.

Mentally Healthy Schools

As well as their helpful blog post ‘10 tips for teaching and support staff’, Mentally Healthy Schools have a wealth of resources designed for school staff supporting children and young people’s mental health.

Mental Health Foundation

A number of digital resources and blog posts are available from the Mental Health Foundation, specialising in supporting teaching staff. These include tips on how to care for yourself, and also how to create a supportive environment for pupils in the classroom.

Headspace for Educators

This branch of headspace offers educators access to free mindfulness and meditation exercises and resources, and a free Headspace Meditation App.



Young Minds

Young Minds are the UK’s leading charity fighting for children and young people’s mental health. They offer a wide range of training courses and workshops, as well as a dedicated Young Minds blog sharing the perspectives of young people.

Every Mind Matters

This NHS website aims to support everyone, including children and young people, to feel more confident in taking action to look after their mental health and wellbeing. It promotes a range of self-care actions and has been adapted to include advice on how to take care of yourself throughout the pandemic.

Think Ninja

Think Ninja is an app designed to educate 10-18 year-olds on mental health and emotional wellbeing. It provides young people with skills that can be used to build resilience and stay well.

Rise Above

Aiming to build resilience and a positive mental health for those aged 10-16, this website has content surrounding remote schooling and how to deal with exam pressure. A number of informal blogs have been posted for the benefit of young people throughout the pandemic and in life past the classroom.

Teen Mental Health – A Guide for Parents

With a slightly different angle, from a parent-perspective, MyTutor's blog offers suggestions for supporting the mental health of teenagers as a parent.


Wellbeing in the workplace

Fingerprint for Success

Providing workplaces with statistics and solutions, Fingerprint for Success have created an extensive yet colloquial blog post tackling stress and burnout. Not only do they provide crucial information surrounding the importance of positive work environments, but they also have a list of solutions and initiatives for workplaces to try.


Further information regarding mental health resources is available here. If you know of a mental health resource you think should be listed, email