Online CPD for drama teachers announced by the Globe

Harriet Clifford
Wednesday, January 27, 2021

The CPD courses range from £15 to £30 per device, which includes free streaming of past productions.

CPD at the Globe
CPD at the Globe

From 6 February, Shakespeare’s Globe will host online Continued Professional Development (CPD) courses for primary and secondary drama teachers. 

Ranging from £15 to £30 per device, the sessions will cover teaching anti-racist Shakespeare, Macbeth, Romeo and Juliet, and introducing younger children to Shakespeare.

The Globe has also produced a free online directory of learning resources, which contains hundreds of fact sheets, activities, lessons, and images for teachers to use for in-person or remote teaching. 

The CPD courses taking place in the coming weeks are as follows: 

28 Jan, 6pm
Teach Shakespeare: Romeo and Juliet 
£15, 90 minutes 

This session offers a dynamic introduction to using active and creative approaches to Shakespeare with KS3 and 4 students. It is designed to complement the Globe’s Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank: Romeo and Juliet film, which is available to stream for free until 31 March. 

30 Jan, 10am and 6 Feb, 4pm
Teach Shakespeare: Macbeth and Romeo and Juliet
£30, 3 hours

Aimed at secondary teachers, this course offers techniques to engage with Shakespeare through active and creative approaches in the classroom. It provides teachers with a range of activities to share with students either before or after they watch the films.

6 Feb, 3pm
Teach Shakespeare for Primary 
£30, 3 hours 

Led by an experienced Globe Education Practitioner, participants will investigate ways to encourage younger pupils to enjoy the plays by removing the fear of accessing the Shakespearian stories and language. 

6 Feb, 10am and 11 Feb, 6pm 
Teaching anti-racist Shakespeare

Designed for secondary English and drama teachers, this practical and interactive workshop draws on Othello and The Merchant of Venice. The plays will be examined through the lens of anti-racism and the outsider and look at how we can identify parallel occurrences in today’s society. The workshop will be delivered by an experienced Globe Education Practitioner. 

CPD sessions can be booked here