From generation to generation

David Porter
Friday, March 26, 2021

As children grow, parents, grandparents and others mark and note the likenesses and differences with previous generations. Our genes often reveal our father’s eyes, our mother’s nose or our grandmother’s creative abilities. Sometimes illnesses and diseases are passed on, too. Many good and bad character traits and personality features seem to be carried down endless generations. What if hatred, loathing or criminally-inclined passions are also continued each generation? This scheme of six 2-hour sessions is designed to make a piece of group-devised drama using a variety of techniques that can be worked up for a performance to an audience and/or for the GCSE exam through the ideas that feuds and vendettas can last many generations, long after the initial reasons have been forgotten. Scheme learning objectives 1 - To work collaboratively in groups to create a piece of devised drama from stimulus to performance. 2 - To develop the use of drama techniques 3 - To explore ideas about the motives that drive credible characters. What’s needed? 1 - Drama space, minimal furniture 2 - Access to a range of drama props, costumes, music, instruments, pictures and other stimulus material as required 3 - A tightly focused timetable from the start to the performance

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