Have a nice day!

David Porter
Thursday, October 22, 2020

Have a nice day' is a common American expression meaning bye, see you later, adios or ciao. It's generally used in a well-meaning way, but can also be sarcastic or a means of saying something less than pleasant or happy. No ‘perfect day’ is perfect in every way. The tension of something/somebody spoiling it makes for effective drama. This scheme of six 90-minute sessions is designed to lead you through ways of encouraging students to explore and build a character in a devised story and develop basic drama skills. Learning objectives - To develop character-making skills - To work collaboratively with others - To speak and listen to make drama - To make a story from a stimulus. What's needed? If you have a few random props, hats, scarves, artefacts or a supply of evocative music, they will be useful. Background, research, ideas 'Have a Nice Day' is a song by Stereophonics and by Bon Jovi. They may or may not provide stimulus ideas. Students could be asked to write a story or poem with the title 'Have a Nice Day' which then becomes a stimulus for a group.

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