Katie Mitchell and Harold Pinter

Mair Bull
Tuesday, September 1, 2020

This scheme introduces the practitioner Katie Mitchell by using Harold Pinter's The Dumb Waiter to explore her work. Students can use this scheme as part of AQA's Component 3, or it can be used for any board as an introduction to these iconic figures of theatre. In addition, the activities in these sessions can be explored by students whether they are in school or at home, making it ideal for social distancing drama. It does require some access to technology, but this can be as basic or high-tech as suits your class. This scheme consists of six untimed sessions leading to a scripted piece that is brought from page to stage (and screen!). If studying AQA's course, students can keep detailed notes to contribute towards their Reflective Reports. Learning objectives: By the end of this scheme, students will have: - Explored and experimented with the Pinteresque style - Researched and developed their understanding of Katie Mitchell's use of multimedia - Practised developing characters using Mitchell's ‘influencing factors’ - Created a multimedia production of an extract of 'The Dumb Waiter'.

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