The Maids by Jean Genet: Interpreting a | performance text

Chris Whyld
Monday, February 1, 2021

The Maids by Jean Genet, is one of nine text choices, from Edexcel’s A level Drama and Theatre, Component 3, Section C: Interpreting a Performance Text in light of one practitioner for a contemporary audience. In this scheme of work, you will begin by establishing the historical, social and cultural context of the chosen practitioner, Artaud, and his Theatre of Cruelty. This will be followed by delving into the world of Genet and his associations with Theatre of the Absurd. Once these theoretical foundations have been laid, the scheme is designed to make directors of students, in that ultimately they will create (and be able to write about) their own production concept for a contemporary audience. They will be encouraged to think as directors, including considering all aspects of design and how any given extract might be directed in terms of character, physicality, use of space, movement and voice. The intended impact on the audience, mood, atmosphere and overall mise-en-scène, will also be covered as vital directorial considerations.

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