The plays of John Godber

Mair Bull
Thursday, October 1, 2020

John Godber is a hugely influential and much-loved British theatre practitioner. This scheme explores his style of theatre using a selection of his own plays. It can be used for any board at KS4 and can culminate in a devised or scripted piece of theatre. In addition, the activities in these sessions can be explored by students whether they are in school or at home, making it useful for social distancing or remote drama sessions. There are six lessons in this scheme plus additional extension opportunities that can be completed as homework, a research project or as supplementary lessons. Learning objectives - To know and understand some key elements of Godber's work - To experiment with characters and multi-roling - To recognise the evolving style of Godber's work - To use text to focus on a range of vocal skills to indicate character - To devise their own piece of drama inspired by Godber's work.

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