The Raft of Hope

Paul Bateson
Sunday, December 1, 2019

This scheme takes the form of a mock exam in preparation for BTEC Tech Award Performing Arts Level 1/2, Component 3 ‘Performing to a brief’. The aim of this scheme, on the theme of migration and the plight of refugees, is to ensure students can devise confidently and quickly, using a store of devising techniques which can be applied to any given stimulus. The Pearson BTEC Tech Award Performing Arts Level 1/2 - Component 3 requires students to work as part of a group to devise a 10 - 15 minute piece of drama in response to a stimulus and brief provided by the exam board. Students must also complete a series of supervised written assessments about the process. The scheme also provides a guided preparation for the written evaluation. The exam board states that development and rehearsal for workshop performance should be conducted over approximately 8 hours. This scheme is written in sessions, each lasting between 1-2 hours (depending on group size, lesson/contact time and ability) to mirror that time frame. Each session addresses a certain BTEC assessment objective, and also provides the opportunity for students to document the process to support the written assessment. These form the four A4 pages of notes students are allowed to take into the exams.

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