The Safe City

Eddy Passmore
Friday, March 26, 2021

This imaginative scheme of work explores themes of society, its structure, and the responsibility of individuals and groups within it. By the end of the scheme, depending of course on your individual approach, students should be able to draw out the parallels and discuss the advantages and disadvantages inherent in the systems we employ. The driving idea is that we all have inalienable rights, but that these are balanced by our duty to uphold those for everybody else. Students will have their chance to explore a broken society and examine how they would want to rebuild and reshape its future potential. While everything in the UK is still incredibly topsy-turvy and there can be a lot of uncertainty about what the next week may hold, I have elected to write this as a slightly shorter scheme than would be considered normal, but instead to include adaptations for distance learning to allow for any ‘irregularities’ you may face. Eagle-eyed readers may also spot themes relating to pandemic, isolation and the role of society within this scheme. It is not my intention to write a sermon, but I felt it important to have the option to lean on these ideas as and when you choose. I have therefore tried my best to make the themes present but malleable. As such, a large portion of this plan is presented in the form of questions, and nothing is written in stone.

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