Frantic Assembly launch online platform for teachers and students

Hattie Fisk
Monday, February 7, 2022

Frantic Assembly's STUDIO will house extensive filmed and written resources designed to support students and teachers in the study of contemporary theatre-making.

Frantic Assembly's adaptation of Othello
Frantic Assembly's adaptation of Othello

Manuel Harlan

Launching at the start of term in September 2022, Frantic Assembly’s STUDIO is a new online subscription platform for teachers and students. 

The resources will feature workshop formats, warm-up exercises, creative tools, masterclasses, interviews with leading practitioners and written resources. 

The online platform also supports teachers and students in the study of the Frantic Method – Frantic Assembly’s approach to collaborative and physical theatre making. 

Scott Graham, co-founder and artistic director says: ‘The Frantic Assembly STUDIO is a really exciting opportunity to bring the drama studio and the realities of the professional rehearsal room closer together. It is vital that our worlds stay relevant to each other and can continue to inspire each other.’

‘As well as providing an unparalleled insight into the Frantic Method, I want to give teachers access to the convictions and doubts in the minds of contemporary theatre makers. This is all a crucial part of the creative process, and it is seldom shared. Our ambition is that Frantic Assembly.’

Schools can find out more information and register their interest in subscribing to STUDIO at